Canadian International Kindergarten Hanoi

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ico_canada Tầng 10, Tòa nhà Viet Tower , Số 1 Thái Hà,Trung Liệt Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Việt Nam - (043).8570570 ico_vietnam

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Canadian International Kindergarten Hanoi

Canadian International Kindergarten provides a safe and caring learning environment that allows children to discover and explore the academic world around them with excitement and interest.


The Canadian International Kindergarten Program is a high quality Kindergarten school using a Canadian curriculum.The CIK program is based on:• Interactive, academic-based curriculum that allows students to develop academically, socially, and athletically.• Unrivaled facilities that allow students to explore in a safe and caring learning environment.• Canadian certified teachers with Bachelor of Education degrees with a passion for education.• A well balanced program that provides healthy meals for growing minds and the chance to participate in sports to build skills and healthy bodies.Our goal at CIK is to provide true care for each child in our program, to provide the best possible facilities to ensure academic success, and to ensure that students arrive at school in the morning with a smile on their face and leave in the evening for home with new knowledge and excitement for tomorrow. Learn more about our Curriculum and Academic Program on our website and book an appointment today to join Vietnam’s top Kindergarten program


Canada has the world’s largest land area with a population
of 34 million. It borders on the United States to the south
and the frozen Arctic in the north and stretches 8,500 kilometres
from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean.
Canada has 5 million primary and secondary school students,
2 million university level students who are taught by
almost 1 million teachers.

Welcome Message

Welcome to CIK!
CIK is founded on the concept that students learn through experiencing
new ideas, new social settings, and through connecting
with an excellent curriculum.
Young learners are full of wonder, questions, and energy that we
as educators must help to unlock and explore as they grow and
CIK offers the best curriculum, facilities, and teachers in Vietnam;
it truly is a dynamic place to learn. Our School Principal guides the
school academically and ensures the students are meeting our exceeding
Canadian learning outcomes so that our students are immersed
in an English learning environment that promotes fluency.
As parents, you are seeking the best educational options for your
child. Look no further as CIK will provide a world of learning that
will leave your child hungry for knowledge and parents satisfied
with their well-being and safety.
Once again, welcome to CIK and I look forward to meeting parents
and students at school.

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Mr. Scott Reid, Director of Education, CIK

School’s Mission

The purpose of CIK is to provide a modern learning environment, rich with resources and opportunities to explore Academics,Arts, and Athletics, in a safe and caring learning environment. CIK Canada strives to instill the standards of strong work ethic,fluency in English upon graduation and the ability to be a positive member of a school society.