CIK operates an After-School Program for students at CIK and in our community who are seeking more learning opportunities after the school day finishes.

CIK After-School Care
This program operates from 3 PM to 7PM Weekdays. The program offers English instruction, sports, art, reading, and a language course. Snack is provided during the evening program. The goal is to provide working parents with a place for their child to play and learn after the school day finishes and to further develop learning skills.

Open to CIK and local students aged 2-7.

CIK Elementary School Cornerstones Program
This program is designed for students in Vietnamese Elementary Schools who want to learn English in a Canadian school environment.

Subjects include:
English Language Arts
Social Studies
Physical Education

Students are immersed in the Canadian learning environment and learn English through the study of subjects, making English learning natural, fun, and fluid.

CIK Weekend Programs
CIK operates weekend programs that include:
Reading and Literacy for Elementary Students
High School: Canadian High School Credit Program