1. Letter from Mr. Quang, School Founder
2. Letter from Mr. Reid, Director of Education

Letter from Mr. Scott Reid, CIK Director of Education

Dear Prospective Parents and Students of CIK

Welcome to CIK! CIK is founded on the concept that students learn through experiencing new ideas, new social settings, and through connecting with an excellent curriculum.

Young learners are full of wonder, questions, and energy that we as educators must help to unlock and explore as they grow and learn.

CIK offers the best curriculum, facilities, and teachers in Vietnam; it truly is a dynamic place to learn. Our School Principal guides the school academically and ensures the students are meeting our exceeding Canadian learning outcomes so that our students are immersed in an English learning environment that promotes fluency.

As parents, you are seeking the best educational options for your child. Look no further as CIK will provide a world of learning that will leave your child hungry for knowledge and parents satisfied with their well-being and safety.

Once again, welcome to CIK and I look forward to meeting parents and students at school.

Welcome to the world of Canadian Education,

Mr. Scott Reid, Director of Education CIK